1.The bases A-T and G-C in a DNA molecule are held together by :
(A) Ionic bonds (B) Covalent bonds
(C) Hydrogen bonds (D) Hydrophobic bonds

2. The bond energy in a typical C-C covalent bonding in biochemicals is :
(A) 85.0 kcal mol-1 (B) 8.5 kcal mol-1
(C) 0.85 kcal mol-1 (D) 0.085 kcal mol-1

3. Which of the following amino acid has an indole ring ?
(A) Phenyl alanine (B) Tyrosine
(C) Proline (D) Tryptophan

4. The domains present in the globular proteins comprise of how many amino acids ?
(A) 10-50 (B) 100-700
(C) 30-400 (D) 1000-2000

5. At isoelectric point of a protein, its net charge is :
(A) Acidic (B) Basic
(C) Zero (D) Acidic or Basic

6. Which of the following is least abundant in a prokaryotic cell ?
(A) tRNA (B) mRNA
(C) rRNA (D) snRNA

7. The consensus nucleotide sequence of a Pribnow box is :

8. Human mitochondria read UGA as a codon for :
(A) Arginine (B) Glycine
(C) Stop codon (D) Tryptophan

9. The chemical composition of coenzymes is :
(A) Small inorganic molecules (B) Large inorganic molecules
(C) Small organic molecules (D) Large organic molecules

10. Which molecule has the maximal standard free energy of hydrolysis in a cell ?
(A) ATP (B) Phosphoenolpyruvate
(C) Glucose-6-phosphate (D) Pyrophosphate

11. In the first stage of Calvin cycle, CO2 combines with Ribulose 1, 5-biphosphate to yield :
(A) 1, 3 biphosphoglycerate (B) 1-phosphoglycerate
(C) 3-phosphoglycerate (D) 2-phosphoglycerate

12. Synthesis of rRNA, mRNA and tRNA is mediated by :
(A) RNA Polymerase I, II and III respectively
(B) RNA Polymerase I, III and II respectively
(C) RNA Polymerase III, II and I respectively
(D) RNA Polymerase III, I and II respectively

13. Histones comprise how much weight of the human chromosomes ?
(A) One tenth (B) Half
(C) Three fourth (D) One fourth

14. Who put forth the notion that microbes arise by spontaneous generation ?
(A) John Needham (B) Francesco Redi
(C) Lazzaro Spallanzani (D) R Koch

15. Teichoic acids are absent in the cell wall of :
(A) Bacillus subtilis (B) Vibrio cholerae
(C) Staphylococcus aureus (D) Streptococcus mutans

16. Which medium will show maximal generation time of E.coli ?
(A) Milk (B) Meat broth
(C) Rice water extract (D) Orange juice

17. Which of the following property is missing in pBR322 ?
(A) MCS (B) Tetracycline resistance gene
(C) Ampicillin resistance gene (D) Ori sequence

18. Tick the odd one out restriction enzyme :
(A) EcoR1 (B) BamH1
(C) Hindlll (D) Saullla

19. STR stands for :
(A) Standard Tank Reactor (B) Super Tank Reactor
(C) Stirred Tank Reactor (D) Shaking Tank Reactor

20. Which of the following metabolite is produced by SSF ?
(A) Penicillin (B) Streptomycin
(C) Acetic acid (D) Citric acid