1. ‘Kelps’ is a group of algae used for the extraction of :
(A) Agar agar (B) Alginates
(C) Carragennins (D) Agarose

2. Sex chromosomes in plant kingdom were first discovered in :
(A) Sphagnum (B) Sphaerocarpus
(C) Splachnum(D) Tortula

3. Which one of the following is the cleistocarpousmoss ?
(A) Archidium(B) Funaria
(C) Bryum(D) Polytrichum

4. Which of the following is a pre-requisite for seed habit ?
(A) Apospory (B) Apogamy
(C) Heterospory (D) Homospory

5. Life cycle of an alga will be diplohaplontic if meiosis occurs during :
(A) Zygote germination (B) Gamete formation
(C) Meiospore formation (D) Mitospore formation

6. One C.E.R. memberane is present around chloroplast in members of :
(A) Phaeophyta (B) Chlorophyta
(C) Prymnesiophta (D) Dinophyta

7. In fungi food is stored in the form of :
(A) Glycogen (B) Starch
(C) Chitin (D) Sugar

8. Seed-borne diseases are best controlled with :
(A) Spray fungicides (B) Dust fungicides
(C) Systemic fungicides (D) Asystemic fungicides

9. The largest ovule in gymnosperms is found in :
(A) Pinus(B) Ephedra
(C) Cycas(D) Cedrus

10. Teak wood is obtained from :
(A) Dalbergiasissoo(B) Tectonagrandis
(C) Salmaliamalabarica(D) Cedrusdeodara

11. A cross between heterozygous individual an homozygous recessive parent is called :
(A) Monohybrid (B) Dihybridcross
(C) Test cross (D) Back cross

12. Ashwgandha is obtained from :
(A) Withaniasomnifera(B) Terminaliaarjuna
(C) Emblicaofficinalis(D) Aconitum napellus

13. In inducible operon concept of gene, a regulator gene produces :
(A) Inducer (B) Repressor
(C) Inhibitor (D) Regulator

14. The chemical formula of chlorophyll b is :
(A) C55H70O5N4Mn (B) C55H70O6N4Mg
(C) C55H70O5N4Co (D) C55H70O6N4Fe

15. The fossil Palmoxylonbelongs to :
(A) Angiosperms (B) Gymnosperms
(C) Pteridophytes (D) Bryophytes

16. The production of ATP by oxidative phosphorylation is driven by energy from :
(A) Co-enzyme A
(B) Isomerization of the Cytochrome
(C) The formation of NADH
(D) The diffusion of protons from the Intermembrane

17. When a plant is not reproducing, most of its cytokinins are produced in its :
(A) Leaves (B) Lateral buds
(C) Shoot apex (D) Roots

18. An inflorescence in which flowers arise from different points of the peduncle but reach the same level is called :
(A) Catkin (B) Umbel
(C) Corymb (D) Spadix

19. Who is known as the Father of Indian Embryology ?
(A) BirbalSahni (B) R. Mishra
(C) S. R. Kashyap (D) P. Maheshwari

20. Late blight of potato is caused by :
(A) Phytophthorainfestans(B) Alternariasolani
(C) Clavicepspupurea  (D) Albugo candida