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1.The bases A-T and G-C in a DNA molecule are held together by :
(A) Ionic bonds (B) Covalent bonds
(C) Hydrogen bonds (D) Hydrophobic bonds

2. The bond energy in a typical C-C covalent bonding in biochemicalsis :
(A) 85.0 kcal mol-1 (B) 8.5 kcal mol-1
(C) 0.85 kcal mol-1 (D) 0.085 kcal mol-1

3. Which of the following amino acid has an indolering ?
(A) Phenyl alanine (B) Tyrosine
(C) Proline (D) Tryptophan

4. The domains present in the globular proteins comprise of how many amino acids ?
(A) 10-50 (B) 100-700
(C) 30-400 (D) 1000-2000

5. At isoelectric point of a protein, its net charge is :
(A) Acidic (B) Basic
(C) Zero (D) Acidic or Basic

6. Which of the following is least abundant in a prokaryotic cell ?
(A) tRNA (B) mRNA
(C) rRNA (D) snRNA

7. The consensus nucleotide sequence of a Pribnow box is :

8. Human mitochondria read UGA as a codon for :
(A) Arginine (B) Glycine
(C) Stop codon (D) Tryptophan

9. The chemical composition of coenzymes is :
(A) Small inorganic molecules (B) Large inorganic molecules
(C) Small organic molecules (D) Large organic molecules

10. Which molecule has the maximal standard free energy of hydrolysis in a cell ?
(A) ATP (B) Phosphoenolpyruvate
(C) Glucose-6-phosphate (D) Pyrophosphate

11. In the first stage of Calvin cycle, CO2 combines with Ribulose 1, 5-biphosphate to yield :
(A) 1, 3 biphosphoglycerate (B) 1-phosphoglycerate
(C) 3-phosphoglycerate (D) 2-phosphoglycerate

12. Synthesis of rRNA, mRNA and tRNA is mediated by :
(A) RNA Polymerase I, II and III respectively
(B) RNA Polymerase I, III and II respectively
(C) RNA Polymerase III, II and I respectively
(D) RNA Polymerase III, I and II respectively

13. Histones comprise how much weight of the human chromosomes ?
(A) One tenth (B) Half
(C) Three fourth (D) One fourth

14. Who put forth the notion that microbes arise by spontaneous generation ?
(A) John Needham (B) Francesco Redi
(C) LazzaroSpallanzani (D) R Koch

15. Teichoic acids are absent in the cell wall of :
(A) Bacillus subtilis(B) Vibrio cholerae
(C) Staphylococcus aureus(D) Streptococcus mutans

16. Which medium will show maximal generation time of E.coli?
(A) Milk (B) Meat broth
(C) Rice water extract (D) Orange juice

17. Which of the following property is missing in pBR322 ?
(A) MCS (B) Tetracycline resistance gene
(C) Ampicillin resistance gene (D) Orisequence

18. Tick the odd one out restriction enzyme :
(A) EcoR1 (B) BamH1
(C) Hindlll (D) Saullla

19. STR stands for :
(A) Standard Tank Reactor (B) Super Tank Reactor
(C) Stirred Tank Reactor (D) Shaking Tank Reactor

20. Which of the following metabolite is produced by SSF ?
(A) Penicillin (B) Streptomycin
(C) Acetic acid (D) Citric acid



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