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Correspondence study material 
10 Volumes of theory , 60 topic wise test , 15 unit wise, three mock test series ( 60 Questions ) 2 previous papers, memory based previous paper, General Aptitudes (part – A) 10 test (25 MCQ each) Number of total solved assignments / test series covering of all expects of CSIR – UGC exam = 150 hints / Answers will be given alongwith assignments / Test Series. 
1. Botany
2. Zoology
3. immunology
4. Microbiology
5. Molecular Biology
6. Genetics
7. Recombinant DNA technology
8. Cell biology
9. Biochemistry
10. Plant tissue culture
11. Animal tissue culture
12. Bio process Engineering
13. Bioinformatics
14. Ecology
15. Evolution

Life Sciences , Chemical Sciences , Physical Sciences , Computer Science 
Life-Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics
Biotechnology , Chemistry , Physics
Life Sciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics
Biotechnology, Microbial biotechnology, System Biology & Bioinformatics, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Environmental Science, Biophysics, Human Genomics, Chemistry, Physics

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